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Whispers in the Night

Fox Monroe is an ordinary kid growing up in New York City's Greenwich Village. He loves his two fathers, his neighborhood, his friends. Just a regular kid.
Except for his gold eyes that seem to give off sparks.
And he can read minds. . .
Follow Fox as he grows and learns to control his talent, and to decide if he is going to use it for the good of the world.

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    It Could Be

A genetically modified child may hold the key to the future happiness of humanity…

A man takes a vacation living inside a computer…

A boy remembers his favorite person, an android…

A teacher encounters inexplicable events in her ninth grade classroom…

These characters and more you will meet in this book, It Could Be, ten stories that will take you on a voyage to the future and worlds you might not believe.

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Poems  inspired by  the thoughts
and dreams of the poet, and by
outward experiences.

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Mylla Lessons is used to living and teaching in the cerasteel sphere that is 26 century Earth. But she can’t get used to the ever stricter rules handed down by the Artificial Intelligences that dominate Worldgov and every aspect of life on Earth.
Then she discovers anomalies in their behavior. She is determined to find the truth in spite of warnings from Jorey, her former Supervisor and long-time sexing partner.
Ignoring the hints of danger, she seeks the help of Brudell Turing, the great cyberneticist, and his assistant, Shan Carpenter. Used to a culture that encourages casual sex and doesn’t allow exclusive relationships, Shan stirs feelings she never had before and doesn’t understand.

And now the AIs have singled her out as a troublemaker…

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