My name is Molly Tabachnikov and I'm a writer.
I wasn't always a writer. For thirty years I was a teacher in New York City, first in junior high school and later in high school. I loved teaching, and was immersed in my job. When I retired I searched for something that would involve me in the same way.
I always loved to write, even as a child. Now I had time to do more. So I worked at it and discovered that I still loved it. Telling stories and creating characters was as rewarding and as much fun as it had ever been. After a long period of trying to find someone to print my book, I became a published author.
I want my fiction to entertain, to present people that the reader will engage with. But I also want it to deal with issues and events that are important to inhabitants of the Planet Earth today. Problems like same-sex marriage, global climate change, violence and hatred, when dealt with in a futuristic or science fictional setting, can often be viewed more clearly.

On this site, I've provided links to sites where you can purchase my books or read my blog. Please leave comments on my writing so that I can improve.
Look around. Enjoy. I hope to see you again.
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